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Spring - New Songs! New Video! New Project!

It's been a little while coming, but I've finally finished off some new songs, I hope you enjoy!

Stooge - Game On
A brand new chiptune track with vocals, Gameboy, and electric guitar. I wanted to focus on the idea that no matter whether it's real life or a video game, no matter success or failure, the only life you have is your own. You shouldn't give anything up - you've got to keep on going and just live life the best that you can.

There's also a music video for it! Written and created by my brother, Robert Gustafson, for a college project - I'm really quite thankful for the collaboration on this, check it out! Due to time constraints only the first half is finished, but it's a really cool interpretation. It was mainly created in Flash with elements of Photoshop. Thanks, Rob!

'Game On' was recorded with my trusty Studio Projects B1 for vocals, and the guitar is a Xavier 620 thinline Telecaster. All performances were of myself. A Line6 TonePort UX2 was used for amp modeling and mild use of its vocal preamp models. The vocal chorus effect for the main melody was me double-tracking against myself, and harmonies were included on separate tracks as well. Recorded and mixed down in ProTools M-Powered.

Stooge - Theoretical Dirigibility
Another newer chiptune track (recorded around winter 2009), featuring my friend Erik Scattareggia on drums. Altogether, this song has Gameboy, acoustic and electric guitars, and drumset. I chose the title because I always had this image of a really awkward flying machine bumbling around and trying to take flight - and it reflects in the song. You get moments of takeoff, mechanical issues, rising up into the sky, sudden emergencies, and soaring amongst the clouds. Kudos to Erik for helping me out on this!

Drums were captured with the basic Shure DMK57-52 drumset mic kit as well as AKG Perception 220's for the overhead mic's. The acoustic guitar was recorded with the Studio Projects B1 and the electric (again the Xavier) was recorded on my Peavey Bandit 112 amp with a Nady SP1. If I had to do it again, I'd adjust the timbre of the electric guitar, it sounds a little rough for my taste. The mix did end up pumping a little because of so many different elements going on, but I think it still plays out well.

New Project - Megaman Powered-Down

I've taken on some work with a fan game project for the Megaman series - Megaman Powered-Down (website to come). It's going to be an 8-bit demake of the PSP remake (say that again) of the original Megaman...what does this mean? It's an 8-bit remake of Megaman with all the bonus play modes, extra levels, playable characters, and music of the PSP version. My job is going to be arranging the new music in FamiTracker (The Nintendo NES tracker) and taking the rearranged tunes (as Capcom changed them up quite a bit - Cutman's in major now, who knew?) and turning them into oldschool, 8-bit goodness! This one's a ways off, but look for updates on it! I've completed the intro, most of the beginning stage, and started on Cutman's theme.

Keep on keeping on,

Spring Updates! New Stooge song, New Disaster Protocol Song!

Hello, all! Sorry I haven't been able to update the site as much as I'd like...college can do that to you. Thankfully, said college has resulted in some more work and some more songs that I can present to you! I've been doing a lot of work in ProTools as of late...even moreso with my new, dual-monitor setup. It certainly helps with extra mix windows open :D

Stooge - Us Tonight
This is a chiptune/electro/synth/rock track which I initially composed on Gameboy using the LittleSoundDJ tracker on the original (DMG) GameBoy. After awhile, I decided to write lyrics and a vocal part to it, which I recorded on my Studio Projects B1 microphone. I highly recommend them for vocals and brass on the cheap. The guitar and bass were also performed by myself, and recorded direct with my Toneport UX2 via S/PDIF. It was all put together and mixed in ProTools. It's a bit dance-y, I think you'll like it.

Disaster Protocol - Game Over
This is a new track from my band, Disaster Protocol. This features guitars, vocals, bass, trumpet, sax, trumpet, drums, and organ/synth (played by myself.) I recorded and mixed all of this project. For those curious, the SP B1 was used on the trumpet, vocals, and sax (individually tracked), the guitars/bass via TonePort, and a Shure kit for the drums. The synth was programmed via the Xpand plugin in ProTools and a Korg K25 controller for the input. This tune shows a bit of my growth in mixing for rock...while I like the previous Disaster Protocol mixes, I'm showing a marked increase and variety in my skills.

Both of these are up in the streaming player, and will be up for download in MP3 shortly. (check the sidebar.)

In other news, taking from some random inspiration and people's appreciations for the Gameboy/LSDJ tracks...I am starting work on a Stooge EP or LP over the summer. It may contain either straight GB tracks, things more like "Us Tonight" or a happy little mix of both. Leaning towards the latter. So, stay tuned for news on that, more information will certainly follow!

I'm probably going to be doing some synopsis on older projects and what all went into them so you can get a little background...for those curious, and for those wondering "...how???" So, that should follow soon as well. I may be uploading some old songs/projects I have lying around for your edification, too.

Keep it real,

Welcome to My Site!

Hello! I'm Steven, founder of the blog 'Stooge Productions.' This page is going to be a place for me to showcase my talents in music recording, mixing, and composition across the world wide web. In terms of solo music and compositions, I often go by the moniker 'Stooge'. Currently, there is one of my Gameboy Chiptune pieces up (Last Transmission, composed entirely in LittleSoundDJ) and one project created for a video game in Acid Pro 6.0 (In Space, No One Can Hear You Techno-Rave) They're both uploaded here in streaming and mp3 format to start you guys off. As well, I play rhythm guitar in the band 'Disaster Protocol' (who are in the links section), so their songs are also here! Their two new songs are in fact some of my most recent recordings! I mixed their individual recordings as part of my Fall '08 AudioLab. My portfolio is ever-growing, and more of my music will be added shortly along with accompanying updates! All music will be licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike or other licenses if noted. In that sense, I give permission for people to use, share, and remix my music noncommercially so long as that I am attributed to it in part. (My name must be credited or included in your use.) If you wish to reach a separate agreement, please contact me and we'll talk. So please, enjoy, and if you like what you hear, tell your friends!

-Steven Gustafson

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